Ah, Presidential Election Day.  A day that only came every four years, but made such a difference in the lives of so many.  For some, the day brought anxiety.  For others, it held excitement or perhaps even fear and happiness at the prospects of what was to come.  For Ronda Livingston, on this particular occasion, it was all the above.

The polls were about to close.  Ronda had waited to the last minute on purpose, ensuring that every loose end of her project had been wrapped up before heading out to vote.  A sense of peace settled over her as she stepped out of the domestic hybrid she had come to call “Baby”, and made her way into the small town hall.

She smiled.  They said it would never work between her and the man she’d married.  When it came to political views she and her husband, Patrick, were polar opposites.  People who met them immediately assumed she was the African-American, artsy, bleeding heart liberal and he the Caucasian, stuffy-suit wearing, gun toting conservative.  No one knew the real deal and Ronda was fine with that.

She entered the booth, her mind revisiting election days of years past.  When the first one had come around during their first few years of marriage, she’d joked that they should both stay home since they’d just cancel each other out.  Patrick agreed, but then cast his vote anyway.  Oh yeah… She’d been fit to be tied.

When the next one came around, she’d set her alarm to wake up extra early in order to get to the polls before work.  She’d made the mistake of trusting Patrick the chemist to make her a drink the night before.  Not only did she wake up late, she had to give five lectures with an exceedingly dry mouth.  She thought to visit the polls during lunch break.   However, she soon realized work was too far from her designated one — not to mention the frequent rest stops she would need from the copious amounts of water she’d drank — to make it there and back to work in time.

Well, this year she planned wisely.  Taking paid-time- off, she had without a doubt spent the entire night and day keeping hubby preoccupied.

Exiting the booth while humming to herself, she slipped her ballot into the box just as the town hall doors were being locked.  Ronda thanked the kind man who swiftly moved to unlock one at her approach, holding it open for her as she stepped out into the cool night air.

“Thanks for voting, ma’am,” the kind faced man said to her.

“No, thank you,” Ronda replied.  An evil laugh escaped her causing the man to wince.  “Sorry.  I didn’t realize I had done that out loud.”

The look of pure horror on the man’s face was priceless.  However, it didn’t compare to the look on her husband’s face when she was leaving their home to run this errand.  Bet his cute ass doesn’t think those silk scarfs are ‘so damn sexy’ now.

Written by Deneice Tarbox

Thanks J.L. 😉


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