Luca’s Dilemma (Moriatti Men Book 2)

lucasdilemma_600When Sheila Leigh abandoned her high-end lifestyle in Atlanta, Georgia, the last thing she expected was to be stuck on a hundred-acre farm with a horse unfamiliar with boundaries, or his overtly perverted owner.  All she wanted was to start over in the peace and quiet of the country.


The last thing Luca Moriatti needed upon returning from a business trip was to find a curvaceous, foul-mouthed female living next door in his rental unit.  He was more than content in his self-centered world and didn’t need anyone impeding upon it, regardless of how beautiful they were.  But no one could have prepared him for the alien feelings he would develop toward the buxom beauty or the dilemma that would force him to face the facts of his life more quickly than he ever thought possible.

Release Date: April 2013


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