If you enjoy mystery with your multicultural romance, you should check out Ms. Sharon Evans and her The War This Side of Heaven Trilogy.  She is a very talented artist who knows how to spin intrigue


I am a fiction writer, and I have a confession to make.  I live in the world of my characters on a daily basis.  I’m hopelessly in love with at least two of them and have been for decades.  This is why my trilogy and ongoing series The War This Side of Heaven is a Mystery/Romance.


First of all there is David Conrad, my first love as one of the original cast of characters in my trilogy.  He’s not like some of the heroes you read about in today’s romance novels. Oh, sure, he’s very good looking and has a nice body–but he’s not a young buck in a pickup truck standing there half naked, pawing and/or getting pawed.  This man has class.  He’s forty five years old, has Hollywood-style good looks, once had a career in show business, and he is independently wealthy.  No, you’ll never see him in tennis shoes and jeans.  Designer suits, sports clothes, an expensive car, and penthouse pad are the accessories he comes with.  He only teaches school because he enjoys it and it keeps him busy.  That’s where he meets my teenaged heroine, Janette West, and they go after a serial killer.  But David Conrad is not perfect by any means.  He is an expert playboy (look out, Janette), and has some deep dark secrets from a tragic past.  You’ll find him in the entire series, and you can get a real close look at him in my next release, Heart of a Man in Love–A Forbidden Love Story.  It’s a short story that takes a look into the soul of this lonely man.


The other love is one that I accidentally fell for.  He’s a character that came out of nowhere into my series.  He is, of all things, a Roman Catholic priest named Ted Molly, a.k.a. Teddy.  Now, this one–as far as looks go–fits more of your modern day hero type.  He’s a new priest in his late twenties and was a boxer in his high school and college years.  He’s what they call a jock priest (yes, really).  He’s nicely buffed out, has curly blond hair, wears jeans, plaid shirts, a leather jacket, has a 57 Chevy, and he loves motorcycles.  Now, does his shirt ever come off?  Yes, it does, but I won’t tell you when or under what circumstances.  And he is certainly a bad boy, as far as his church is concerned, running around with a group of Protestant hippies and getting involved in a rather unique relationship with a certain teenaged girl (Janette West, my heroine).  You’ll meet Teddy in my second book, Man Trouble.  Janette get’s him as a present at Christmas time.


Now, what happens when one lovely seventeen year old girl gets the attention of two men older than she?  Why, they find out about each other and a battle of jealousy breaks out.  And if that’s not enough, David’s past comes back to haunt him big time and he’s accused of murder.  Can Janette prove he didn’t do it?  Can she find the real killer when the trail is twenty years cold?  And how on earth can all of this go on without her parents knowing a thing about it?  Find the answer to this and other questions by starting with The After School Murders, now on Amazon.  Then get Heart of a Man in Love, which will be released in November of 2013.  Man Trouble, book two in the series will be released no later than the spring of 2014.  The third book in the trilogy is Killing Old Ghosts, likely to be released late in 2014.


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This month marked my eighth trip to the Fryeburg Fair.  After all this time, I still can’t get through the sheep barn without falling out in a fit of laughter.


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I’m still working on another project, but will be giving the next installment of the Moriatti Men Series my undivided attention as soon as possible.

Until next time, Happy Autumn.


Happy September, everybody.  I have some random thoughts to share, but first I have to tease you a bit.  Those of you familiar with Healing Inc. may recall the handsome Detective Marcus Cole.  He just happens to the Cecile’s love interest in the next installment of the Moriatti Men Series.  I have a picture of the couple, but not one of the final book cover.  I hope you find them as adorable as I do.  I plan to have this next work completed by the beginning of the year.

Romantic Young Couple Embracing In Living Room

As another school year begins I find myself recalling the many steps that inevitably brought the writer out in me.  When I think of the three people who influenced my writing the most, it occurs to me they were all teachers.  Funny thing about that is I didn’t always get the best grades in English (that’s a story for a different day).  However, it was during a wonderful conversation with my good friend, Maria M., who just so happens to be an English teacher that I realized how much of a difference these three people made in my life.  Like Maria does with her students, these three saw something promising in me and did what they could to inspire me.

First there was Mr. McDonald, one of my fourth through sixth grade teachers.  Every year in commemoration of Black History Month we were assigned poetry writing.  I remember going to him, sad and worried because my mother had gotten a bit too enthusiastic with her cleaning, and I came home to find all of my hard work gone.  Honest to God, the man was more disappointed than I was.  With a burdened sigh he stated, “There was a lot of great stuff in that pile.”  That one statement gave me the encouragement I needed to start over.

Then there was Mr. Pasic.  Oddly enough, this man hardly said two words to me as my ninth and eleventh grade English teacher.  He had me keep a daily journal, which he collected and graded each week.  He was one of the few English teachers I actually earned A’s from, and in the middle of freshman year he suggested I advance from basic college prep English to honors.  Unfortunately, he got me back junior year.  But, he didn’t give up.  By his recommendation, senior year I was back in honors English again.  Now I realize the difference between him and my other teachers was that written interaction.  We may not have communicated verbally, but that simple daily journal made him see something I didn’t at the time.


Last, but definitely not least is Dr. Fray.  After a grueling battle with the copy machine, I left a short, but detailed note on his desk as to why my work hadn’t been completed.  The next day I found myself in his office, answering as to why I wasn’t going to be a writer.  This wonderful man was my true mentor, and did everything within his power to help me make it to college.  Again, he saw something in me I wasn’t quite ready to see.
So, there you have it, three wonderful people who took a moment out of their busy lives to make a difference in mine.  And like a flower in the pavement, their efforts eventually took seed.  To all three of you, wherever life has taken you, I now say what should have been said long ago… Thank you.




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