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While goofing around on the internet, I was fortunate enough to come across the talented Joyce Moon.  I was immediately drawn to the strong characters in her book, The Range Wars: A Woman of the West,  which tells the story of the old west in a way that is engaging and spiritual.

The Range Wars Joyce Moon

Joyce: I aways liked writing since grade school. I read a lot of Zane Grey, Louis L’Amour, Janette Oakes books. I could have majored in English and Pre-Legal but dropped out when I got pregnant. I started the series when I was a senior in high school and lost almost all the outlines when my Macintosh computer went out and I haven’t found a computer to retry the floppy discs. My parents inspired me to write as well as my kids who told me I had good stories.

Next to come is The Bitter Lands then 8 more will follow. All main characters are deaf, who either sign or lip read/ oral speech. Or both like me.  I’ve been deaf since before I turned 6 from a freak accident at a park, stupid 14 ft high slide.

Also have some short stories to be published titled “A Scary Thanksgiving” and “Cheating The Race But Gaining a Date” Thank you. The Range Wars is more or less based on my life with dates that actually happened and some life experiences. My mom has said over and over she is proud of me. This is the second time I’ve been published. First time was back in “89 when I sent in a poem and it was published in the National Poetry Book “Companion”

To learn more about Joyce’s work or to find out where to purchase a copy of The Range Wars visit:




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  1. Nice article and very inspirational. Your stories sound intriguing. Best wishes to you, Joyce.

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