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With so much going on, I’ve decided it would be best to post my June visitor early.

Once again, I am proud to host another great author.  The first Toye Lawson Brown book I read was Law and Disorder: Partners Undercover.  Needless to say, I was hooked.  Her talent for integrating romance, suspense, and humor have made me a huge fan of hers.  I look forward to reading more of her books.

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My journey into writing started when I was a stay at home mom for a short time.  My kids used to love stories I would make up for them.  After they would go to sleep or play by themselves, I transformed those stories into more mature scenarios.  Of course no one was allowed to read those stories but me.  During that time, computers were just coming into general use and not many people owned home computers, so my stories were written on notebook paper or in notebooks and stashed in my special hiding place.

When my grandmother was moved to a nursing facility many eons ago, the family had to clean her house of her possession.  She wanted each member of the family to have something special to remember her by.  I would take the kids over and sit with on some days and would write to help past time.  I had forgotten I had stashed a few notebooks with stories at her house.

Years later, after I went back to work, my kids had established their own routine and didn’t need bedtime stories from me anymore so I stopped writing and life take over.   My fantasy of becoming an author went on the back burner.

In the year of 2009, it was just me and my husband sitting around the house.   The kids were grown and out of the house.  I decided then, it was time to pick up my hobby of writing.  It was my husband’s smart remark to me, and what encouraged me try to write a book.  From there Obsessive/Obsession was born and published through Outskirts Press in 2010.  Since then, I have eleven books and currently working on a few ideas for future books.

My books are mostly romantic/suspense novels but I have branched into interracial romance after seeing a big demand for it.  I do a lot of research for my all books so they are factual and realistic and not all made-up fiction and far-fetched unbelievable.  I love to hear from readers and get their feedback.  I have grown as a writer over the years and hope to improve with each book I complete.  Reader satisfaction is my number one priority.  If I can’t make a reader fall in love with a character or hate a character, then I know I’m not giving my characters a memorable impact, which means, I’m not doing a good job as an author.

My Books:


Nayla’s Dilemma-The Ends of Justice

Fighting The Desires

Law and Disorder: Partners Undercover

A Love Delayed

When The Music Stops (The Detective Series)

Let Me Serve You

Scenes To Steal The Heart

Scenes To Steal The Heart Final Act

Smoke & Fire A Firefighter’s Love Story

A Journey For Justice (The Detective Series)


All my books are available in ebook format or paperback on Amazon, BN, and allromanceebooks.com.  I also sell paperback books on my website at www.toyebrown.com.  I post excerpts on my blog of new and released books often, so check there if you are interested in a short read before purchasing.  The blog is www.booksbytoye.com.  Below please see my bio for more information about me.

Toye Lawson Brown lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and a member of the Northeast Ohio Chapter of RWA. She is also registered with GWA (Guild Writers of America). Her passion for writing began when she would daydream and write those stories floating in her head on paper. She recently dusted those stories that were rotting away on paper and published her first book in 2010 “Obsessive/Obsession”.  Since then, she has self-published many more novels. She’ll admit to dabbling in many hobbies over the years, but writing has been her passion and her mental stress reliever.

Writing has allowed her to escape from the day-to-day grind of work-related stress and into a world of fiction where she decides how the day would end for her characters. She hopes you enjoy the adventures her characters deliver to you as you read, as much as she has enjoyed writing them. Each book has been a personal achievement for Toye and promises to continue to strive to bring readers the best possible stories to be told through her many characters. If you are purchasing any books using Kindle, she can now sign your copy to make it personal. To do so, go to www.authograph.com and look for the ebook you wish to purchase. Feel free to email Toye at: toyebrown@gmail.com or visit her website www.toyebrown.com, join her blog at www.booksbytoye.com. Follow her on twitter @quietbreezes.


  1. What a great article. Best wishes to you and your writings, Toye.

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