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Hello all.  Welcome to my first blog.  Perhaps I should start with a little background information.  I am an IR — interracial romance — and suspense writer, with two books currently in publication.  I’m working to get the third one out by the end of the year.

Although statistics show that the IR audience is small, I decided to write in this genre because it interests me.  I like blending cultures and showing how the strength of a good relationship can overcome many obstacles.  I also take joy in giving those who are in these types of relationships something entertaining to identify with.

Reading is just as fun, if not more at times, than writing.  Hopefully, I will be able to persuade some of my fellow writers, as well as other folks of interest to stop by.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I saw your post on She Writes and came over to check it out. Good for you for making your genre clear and for your explanation of what your title means.

    I did wonder why you had only one woman, alone, on the beach. The image is beautiful, but you might play with it, if you have the skill and software, to portray those many women that you are and that you write about. I thought of a group of women holding hands and running together or maybe overlaid transparent images of different faces with the sea shining through. Just a thought.

    You know your audience and what they would like. Best of luck with this.

  2. Deneice, What a great title for your beautiful Blog. I agree with Charlotte, a collage of diverse women would be great and draw more women as well as men who are multi-faceted in their thoughts. Congratulations. By the way, thank you for adding my blog. I have done the same for you under Great Sites to Visit.

  3. Deneice,
    Congrats on your new blog. The first thing to strike me was the header picture. I love it! I view it as the sky’s the limit. I wish you that kind of success.

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